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What To Do When You Bump Into Your Ex

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In a relationship, it is not necessary that it has to be all rosy and things have to work out as per your will. And it is not necessary that it has to last.

Sometimes, it is fate or at times it does not need any reason to work. When relationships end, they do not end on good terms, generally.

It so happens that there is some bitterness left behind and you can only move on after that. However, what would happen if you bump into your ex?

Here, in this article, we've shared some of the tips that you can use in such sticky odd situations.

When you see your ex, definitely the old memories flash in and you tend to get cold feet, even if it is years since you have broken up.

To avoid any nasty and ugly scene, find out on how to react when you actually bump into your ex suddenly. Read on to know more about ways to avoid any complications in your life. Check these points out.


Do Not Lose Cool

We know it is strange when you have an eye contact with them, but make sure you do not lose your cool when you see them. All that you need to do is to just see through them and walk away!


Never Brag About How Great Your Life Is Now

Do not let them have an idea of how awesome your life is currently without them. The lesser you brag, the more humble you are! Make sure the conversation is short and sweet, in case you're required to speak.


Never Hide Yourself When You See Them

Do not go into hiding when you see them for the first time. Face them; and if required, do greet them with a hello, but never spend more time talking to them and reveal about the bad things that have happened to you after your breakup.


Definitely Do Not Overdo About Your Current State

You may be too tempted to talk about how fabulous your life right now is, but do not do it. You'll look flustered, nervous and out of sorts while you lie and do not forget that they know you well, so would catch you if you lie about it.


Call For Backup

You have been waiting at this new restaurant and you bump into your ex. Pretend to be busy by calling for a backup from your friend's circle. This can save you big time.


Delete Their Number

Bumping into them can make you have mixed emotions. Do not get carried away. Even if their contact number is still on your phone list, simply delete it. There will be no chances of after-meet talks to happen!

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