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Types Of Men Who Aren't Worth Dating

There are certain personalty types in men. Of course, we cannot categorise all men into a few types. But what we can do is figure out certain undesirable qualities which are seen generally in some men and then take a decision about dating that person or not.

Yes, some men might just waste your time and may never give you happiness in a relationship though they seem promising in the first meeting.

And then there are some men who just view relationships as bonds that offer pleasure. So, here are some types of men who aren't really worth dating.

A guy who says that he never felt like marrying anyone until he came across you is probably faking it. Of course, such a statement could boost your ego but what if he isn't really sincere? Such a guy may be there till the excitement in the relationship exists.

A man who seems to know almost everyone will have a great social life. But why such a guy would not be ideal to date is because he is always busy with his phone. And wherever you go with him, he'll start a conversation with some random person and keep you waiting. Extreme extroverts may have the need to just keep talking with someone or the other. Though he'll be interesting in the starting stages, he might bore you some day.

A guy who doesn't open up fast. Such a guy would never tell you what his problem is and may test your patience. When you get into a long-term relationship, many things might need to be discussed regularly. If he never maintains open communication, several complications could arise.

Do you wish to date a handsome and rich guy whom your friends would surely feel jealous of? Well, though that would seem like a dream come true, a relationship should be a decision made on the basis of the intimate bond you share with someone. What is the quality of the bond that exists between both of you? That matters more than how others perceive you as a couple. So, making others envious shouldn't be your primary objective.

A guy who worships you all the time- such a guy can give you a 'high' temporarily. But sooner or later, when the initial excitement comes down, you might get bored of his worship or he might get bored of worshiping you. He may also expect you to do the same and if you don't, he might withdraw. The relationship would then go into stagnation.

A guy who constantly brags about his success or achievements- such a man will bore you every moment as he is self obsessed and would want to feel superior every second. He is interested to inflate his ego and expects you to buttress his ego.

A man who is materialistic- such a man would always be calculative about everything and may not be able to give you pure love. He seems to think only about money all the time.

These are some types of men who may interest you in the beginning but may not be able to stick with you in the long run. So, think for yourself and take a decision.

Story first published: Monday, November 28, 2016, 10:18 [IST]