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Is She A 'Negative Nancy'?

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A negative Nancy is a person who constantly sends out negative vibes by being pessimistic about life in general. Such a person can be toxic in relationships.

We all know that negative attitude can ruin life and when you are with such a person in a relationship, you may have tough time emotionally as well a physically.

Is She A Negative Nancy

You tend to feel drained all the time if you associate with someone who has a very negative outlook towards life. But how to identify such a person? Well, here are some qualities of negative nancy. Though most of us think that this term only suits women, we can also see men who have such qualities of negativity.

Is She A Negative Nancy7

If he or she constantly worries about something or the other, then it is a sign that you are with someone who spends most of the time in negative patterns of thinking.

Is She A Negative Nancy6

He or she keeps a lots of secrets from you. You tend to get a feeling that the other person is not completely opening up to you and is hiding something from you.

Is She A Negative Nancy5

He or she spends most of the time talking about bad things and gossips. Also, that person gets a thrill when they disappoint you by breaking a bad news to you.

Is She A Negative Nancy4

He or she may spend most of the time criticising everything under the sun and spoils your day talking about bad things about the world.

Is She A Negative Nancy3

At the drop of the hat, that person may start complaining about how life is unfair. Also, he or she experiences boredom most of the time.

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If you start a conversation, they would suddenly hijack it by saying all negative topics. Such a person will never care whether you are enjoying the conversation. He or she may keep talking without wondering whether you are happy to hear all the rot they speak.

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If you are with such a person, you only have two choices. You can either try to make the person feel positive by changing their outlook towards life or you ca choose to move on if they resist your attempts to make them feel good.

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Story first published: Monday, December 5, 2016, 15:11 [IST]
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