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How To Patch Up Without Losing Self Esteem


Minor issues do crop up in any relationship. But if you have the patience to solve them fast, your relationship will be beautiful.

But if you're getting hurt every now and then, your relationship may not run smooth. And when it comes to minor quarrels, there is no point in sulking silently for days together.

It is better to take a step and patch it up so that you can carry on in life. Are you wondering how to take the first step after a fight? Is your self-esteem stopping you? Then here are some simple steps.

Give A Missed Call

This is the best idea. Just give him or her a missed call. That person might call back and you can say you dialed the number by mistake. And from there, you can again start talking to your partner.

Show Yourself Up

If you know where your partner might go at a particular time (like a gym, store or swimming pool), you can simply go there and show up from a distance. He or she may naturally say 'Hi' to you and you can again start a conversation.

Talk Random Things

If none of the above work, then you can directly give him or her a call and talk about random things as if nothing had happened between both of you.

Send A Gift

Simply order some gift from an online store. The gift should reach your partner's residence. After looking at that gift, he or she may call you and thank you for that. From there, you can again get back to normal.

Send A Text

If nothing else works, simply type a text saying 'How are you?'. Or simply type 'Sorry' and see the reaction. It might work in some cases. Your partner might reply.

Move On

If none of the above ideas work then it means that you have a very stubborn partner. Or maybe your partner is planning to move on. Though it might be painful, get ready to accept your mistakes and let that person move on.

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