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Does Chemistry Dictate Relationships?


When we talk about romantic relationships, we tend to use the word chemistry. We seem to have given too much of importance to this word; or maybe chemistry has its own role in relationships too.

Relationship experts reveal a few facts about chemistry and how much of importance it really deserves. Firstly, we tend to think that the moment we see someone, we need to feel attracted instantaneously. We think that a good relationship needs chemistry instantly.

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But relationship experts say that the unconscious pull that you feel towards someone is more because the person resembles someone you already like. But if you blindly fall in love basing on that initial pull, you might be disappointed later when you discover that the person isn't up to your expectations.

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So, if you we actually place too much of emphasis on chemistry, we might end up in dysfunctional relationships. But when you are in a compatible relationship that also has chemistry in it, then you are lucky.

Now, let us take a look take several other facts about chemistry in relationships.


Only Chemistry Isn't Enough

Statistics prove that chemistry itself isn't enough to take relationships forward. There are more number of break ups in this world due to relationships that are based only on chemistry and zero compatibility.


Chemistry Need Not Be Instant

Contrary to what we expect, not all relationships can have instant chemistry. So, it doesn't mean that you are not in love with someone just because you didn't feel the chemistry in the first meeting.


Chemistry Can Develop Over Time

Sometimes, you may gradually feel attracted to a person though the first meeting ends up in a stale way. Also, relationship experts show another reason for not developing attraction in the first meeting even when you are in the presence of someone special. If you are preoccupied or stressed up, you might be inattentive in the first meeting but in the subsequent meetings, you may again feel the pull.


Yes, Love At First Sight Exists

Some people seem to be lucky. They fall in love at first sight and then seem to lead a happy married life. They are the couples who have both compatibility and chemistry in place. But remember that it can't happen for everyone. So, it is better not to rush when you just have chemistry and no compatibility.


Marriage Doesn't Need Chemistry

What experts say is that marriage needs more of compatibility as it has to stand the test of the time. If you feel that someone is harmonious with you, you might consider marriage even if you currently feel no chemistry. But still, don't go ahead if you think that you will never be attracted to that person even in the future.


Chemistry Can Land Us In Trouble

Sometimes, though you know that he or she isn't the right one for you, you may tend to feel the pull. That could be dangerous as you may get addicted to the wrong person just because of the chemistry.

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