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Friendship Day 2019: How Friends Influence Our Lives

Friends are a beautiful gift to us. They add meaning to our life, enrich us, share our problems and bring joy to our lives with their presence. It has been truly said that friendship is one relation which is not pre-destined like all other relationships. We are free to choose our friends.

This year, in 2019, 4th August is happy friendship day and across the world, it is celebrated with great zeal and fervour.

Anything good happens in our life, we first want to share it with friends. Be it falling in love for the first time, getting that first job, buying a new dress or having your first baby. Your friends know it all. You may have fought sometimes over many silly issues but the bond has always grown stronger with every fight.

Each friend influences us in different ways. Some may be a positive influence like making you concentrate on your studies while others may have had a negative influence like encouraging you for drinking. But every friend is important in his/her own way. Let's see how friends influence our lives:

Hooking that guy/girl: The first person to know that you are in love is your friend. He/she will obviously resort to leg pulling for a while. But as you move towards a serious relationship, he/she will always counsel you base on his/her personal experiences.

Eating junk: Ever been to the restaurant with the good intention of eating healthy and then ended up eating a burger with extra cheese? Yes, with friends, this is bound to happen.

Exercise regimen: Exercise can never happen if you think of going alone to the gym. But when you have that fitness freak friend with you, you are bound stay healthy. Friends can influence you to keep fit.

Your Aspirations: Being with a good friend is always helpful. A friend's influence can make you set your goals and work towards achieving them. A good friend will always encourage you to achieve your goals in life.

Style statement: There must have been times when you dressed really shabby and were inspired by that one friend of yours who wore it in style. Yes friends have a great influence on our style statement.

These are some of the ways in which friends influence our lives. On this friendship day stop and think how your friends have influenced your life. You will be surprised by the memories.

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