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Friends are like precious diamonds that you would like to treasure for your whole life. When two alike people meet, they bond with each other and become best buddies. Even after few differences, friends love to be with each other. There is a special place for friendship in the life of every individual. While few people are reserved by nature, and thus have 1-2 close friends, there are many people who have a large group of friends. All friends are special in their own way. Lets check few types of friend that you should stick to throughout your life.

Types of friend you should have:

Types Of Friends

A shopping friend: Women would especially love to have this type of friend in their whole lives. A shopping friend would always help you change your collection with time and stay updated. However, at times they can be heavy on your pocket! So, do not get completely carried away if your budget doesn't allow.

A funny friend: Sometimes, you get bored of the same linear life. Boredom, depression and stress are common problems that busy working professionals as well as students face. To cheer up the dull and boring mood, you should have a funny friend who can make you laugh at the blink of an eyelid. They become the main attractionatf any friends gathering.

A supportive friend: When you feel low or lonely, you should have a friend who understands you and is always there to support you. For example, a break up can send you into depression and you would not like to talk about it to anyone. But a friend who gives a shoulder to cry on is mostly remembered during the bad days of an individual's life.

A party friend: You should work hard and party harder. If you love partying, then you should have a freaking party friend to accompany you in the fun filled evenings and late night outs. A chilling friend will get you think out of the box and live the life to the fullest. A change in the lifestyle can bring back joy and the lost fun. Such friends can help you relax and have fun at the same time make more new friends.

A flirting friend: Men would always love to have a flirting friend around. This makes them discuss about the hot chick at college, work place etc. A flirting friend always has a new chick or dude to talk about. Sometimes, listening to such stories can be a good time pass.

A foodie friend: Every one loves to hog on food. Most of them love to try new dishes while few eat to get over stress. Out of necessity or hobby, you should have a foodie friend who will help you discover new cuisines and restaurants.

Which type of friend do you wish to stick to for your whole life?

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