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Men Cannot Stay Single. Do You Agree?

By Super

To stay single is the new trend. That's why single mothers, the number of spinsters have risen but on second thought, how many bachelors or single fathers do you hear of? Research has proved that at present the number of single women are much more than single men. Why? Two possibilities, either the ratio of number girls to men are less or, single men is not a well know concept.

The first reason is not quite convincing, thus, the second reason seems convincing. Single men are less that single women, because men cannot stay single.

Reasons -

1.Men are much more emotionally dependent on women than vice versa. Though men are physically strong, mentally men are much more weak than women. Thus, anger, irritation, instability are some of the common men traits.

2.Second reason why men cannot stay single is because, the first trait of manliness is to have a girl by your side. One of my friends once confessed that he had a girlfriend in college only because he was the basketball captain and a captain should have a girl friend. When man walks in with a beautiful girl by her side it adds on to his manliness.

3.One more important reason why single men are less in number is because, men need women for social status. A handsome rich man with a successful beautiful wife or girlfriend, adds on to his status. It helps him flaunt.

4.Men may make better managers in office but at home, men management skills fail completely. Family needs, to handle family wants and wishes are left over for the women to take care off. Thus, men cannot stay single.

5.To have a overall successful life, one needs to be multitasking. Multitasking not in the sense of doing many things together. Multitasking also means taking several responsibilities at the same time. Men depend on women to fulfill this need, thus, men cannot stay single.

These five points are the top five best I have found as the reason for less number of single men than women. If you have other reasons, please share.

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Story first published: Thursday, April 7, 2011, 17:57 [IST]
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