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Top Weight Loss Juice Recipes | Healthy Juice Recipes | Summer Juice Recipes

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Summer is the time of flavorful fruity delights and what can be better if they come in a form of delicious smoothie recipes or in a jar of fresh juice recipes? Our weight loss juice recipes are custom-made for all of those who would like to lose a couple of kilos around the waist (without having to starve) or simply for those who would like to stay fit and healthy throughout the year.

So, what should you put into your smoothie recipes if you want to make sure they are filling, full of nutrients but low-calorie? Just pick fruits which are full of dietary fiber and loaded with a lot of vitamins and minerals.

For example, if you choose banana and dry fruits for your delicious summer smoothie recipe, you are lending your body with a lot of fiber, which will ensure that you feel full for a long period of time, preventing you from over-eating and being low-calorie at the same time. A complete jar of this delicious smoothie can be your quick breakfast fix for a super-busy day.

Thank summer for these creamy delicacies!

Along with dietary fiber, it is essential to choose ingredients which will also give you a boost of minerals and vitamins. Our juice recipes are the perfect blend of vital nutrients, vitamins and a delicious taste, giving you a perfect start to your day.

To check out our top weight loss juice recipes, scroll down and check out the list below and also check out the juice recipes which will help you to stay young.

1)Dry Fruit Banana Smoothie Recipe |Dry Fruit Banana Juice Recipe| Weight-loss Summer Smoothie Recipe

2)Pineapple Banana Smoothie Recipe | Summer Fruity Delights

3)Sunshine Smoothie Recipe | Summer Special Recipe | Mixed Fruit Juice Recipe

4)Green Smoothie Recipe | Summer Special Healthy Smoothie Recipe| Detox Green Smoothie Recipe |

5)Cucumber Banana Smoothie Recipe | Summer Special Smoothie Recipe | Cucumber Banana Juice Recipe

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