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Can you imagine Summer without mangoes? Be it raw or ripe, we are not signing up for summer without mango recipes! Raw mangoes mark the beginning of the summer and we can not have enough of this short-time member of the mango family before the ripe mangoes take over the space.

What's your favourite raw-mango recipe?

We love raw mango recipes ,as it comes with a slightly pungent or intensely pungent flavour, which makes it ideal to incorporate in various types of recipes. Be it a rice recipe or a savoury main course dish, green mango's acidic flavour complements our stunning range of Indian spices so beautifully and the result is a mouth-watering dish every time you lay your hands on it, where the flavour palette is as vivid and varied as our own diverse yet unique Indian cuisine.

Talk about raw-mango recipes and the first recipe that comes in our mind is the ever-so-refreshing Aam Panna! This soothing summer coolant, laced with roasted cumin seeds and black salt, makes the best summer drink and is known as the best remedy for heat stroke.

top raw mango recipes

Raw mango is packed with Vitamins C and A, thus whether you indulge in a savoury or a sweet raw mango dish, you are lending your body a number of vitamins along with pectin, which makes it healthy for the heart as well. Among the savoury delights of a raw mango, our favourite recipe is the delicious mango rice recipe. This quick breakfast dish is easy to make but caters a plate full of unique flavours, loaded with peanuts, chana dal, and urad dal. A sumptuous and refreshing breakfast bowl for the summer mornings, can it get any better?

Apart from savoury main-course fiestas, raw mango is hugely adopted in pickles and chutney recipes. Raw mango is used in both sweet and sour pickles and a summer lunch is incomplete without a green mango chutney recipe - an ensemble of sour mangoes, dipped in a sugary syrup and laced with cardamom powder. Yum!

So, before this short period of raw mangoes passes, grab some of this seasonal bliss and try our top raw mango recipes. Scroll down to check our picks and tell us which raw mango recipes are your favourite for the season.

1)Aam Panna Recipe: How To Make Aam Ka Panna

2)Mango Rice Recipe | How To Make Mavinkayi Chitranna | Mamidikaya Pulihora Recipe

3)Green Mango Chutney Recipe | Kacche Aam Ki Chutney Recipe | Raw Mango Chutney

4)Kacche Aam Ki Sabzi Recipe: How To Make Kairi Ki Launji

5)Raw Mango Pickle Recipe: How To Make Raw Mango Condiment

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