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Top Probiotic-rich Recipes | What To Eat To Take Care Of Your Gut

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Do you know that our "gut" is actually known as our second brain! Gut feeling makes so much more sense now, isn't it? Science says that it is extremely crucial to take care of our gut in order to lead a healthy and prosperous lifestyle. But do we?

Our body is ideally a residence of thousand bacteria, which is an assimilation of both good and bad bacteria. But, sometimes, our sedentary lifestyle kills the good bacteria and we lose our ability to protect ourselves from the bad bacteria, and in other words, our immunity system gets weaker and we become prone to various diseases. In order to restore these good bacteria in our body, it is essential to add probiotic-rich recipes to our daily diet, as they are loaded with various good bacteria.

Probiotic-rich recipes loosely translate into fermented foods, which not only endow you with good gut-health but strengthen our immunity system and help fight health issues like anxiety and depression.

Top Probiotic-rich Recipes

Our Indian cuisine is rich with recipes, which contain probiotics. For example, we have curd or yogurt, various types of pickles, dosa, idli and so many more! Cheese is made by fermenting the milk and can be considered as a source of probiotics. Other sources of probiotics include olive, apple cider vinegar, soy milk, etc.

Probiotic Killers

There are several ingredients around us, which actually kill these good bacteria, and hence adding them in a probiotic-rich recipe will only fail the purpose of the dishes. For instance, sugar or chlorinated water is considered to be one of the probiotic killers. So be careful while making these dishes, as you don't want to kill the good bacteria.


By adding these gut-friendly, inexpensive yet delicious recipes to your daily diet, you are endowing your body with a stronger immunity system, a healthy gut and as a result, your overall health will improve sooner. You will notice that you are feeling more energetic and fresh every day.

So, take a look at our top probiotic-rich recipes and let us know what kind of recipes should we try next.

1)Curd Rice Recipe: How To Make Thayir Saadam

2)Dahi Bhindi: How To Make Okra Yogurt Gravy Recipe

3)Rava Dosa Recipe | How To Make Crispy Rava Dosa | Suji Ke Dosa

4)Green Gram Dosa Recipe: How To Prepare The Low-calorie Green Gram Dosa At Home

5)Vegetable Dosa Recipe | Vegetable Uthappam Recipe

6)Sprouts Dhokla Recipe: How To Make Moong Dal Dhokla

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