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Top Lunch Box Recipes | Easy Lunch Box Recipes

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Packing a lunch box with new and innovative recipes on an everyday basis can be tricky! Be it for kids or adults, nobody likes to eat the same food and hence mothers have to break their heads thinking of what should they make for lunch, which will be delicious, nutritious and something interesting that will keep the kids (and themselves too) hooked to the food!

So, what should an ideal lunch box consist of? According to studies, along with carbs and protein, an ideal lunch box should consist of enough fibre, vitamins and minerals to ensure that you or your children is/are getting a balanced food platter, ideal for sustainable growth and development.

So, in this article, we will share with you several lunch box ideas, from stuffed parathas to toothsome side dishes that can be easy to carry in a lunch box!

Say yes to veggies

We all know veggies play a super important role in our food platter, catering us the right amount of nutrients and a low-calorie filling meal. Yet, in most of the cases, it is impossible to feed the children all the veggies which are essential for them. To make sure your kids are having veggies in the right amount, give the regular side dishes a break and stuff veggies in a paratha or puri. Try our cabbage paratha for example! Or you can also make this vegetable dosa, which is a hit among people of all ages.

Traditional Food palettes

Often, we ignore the traditional food platter which can be quite nutritious as well. Nothing beats a sumptuous bowl of upma or poha, or if you want something super healthy, try our quick and easy rava dosa recipe.

Side Dishes

For us adults, when we are picking a lunch box, picking side dishes become really difficult, as we do not want the same side dish every day and nobody has the time to make an elaborate side dish! To make this super easy for you, we are sharing our simplest of side dish recipes, which can be made within 15 minutes and are quite nutritious as well!

Easy Way To Get Protein

Protein and carbs are the most important part of a nutritional lunch meal. Combine these two simply with egg fried rice or a rice recipe where you can add proteins as well. That way, one meal caters to two! Win-win!

To know how to quickly make these scrumptious top lunch box recipes, quickly scroll down below and watch the videos to slay the dishes in your first attempt!

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1)Vegetable Dosa Recipe

A twist to the traditional dosa recipe, this dosa recipe is stuffed with vegetables and comprise a crispy texture! One of our absolute favourite for lunch box menu!

2)Low-calorie Cabbage Paratha Recipe

Cabbage paratha comes with a promise of being low-calorie and a source of wholesome nutrition at the same! With a healthy twist to our classic paratha recipe, we have given this paratha a super-healthy rendition which you or your children will absolutely love.

3)Rava Dosa Recipe

This healthy rendition of dosa will take only a few minutes but will give you a delicious and filling lunch box meal which you will love!

4)Vegetable Upma Recipe

Talk about rava recipes and upma is our favourite! Try this super easy vegetable upma recipe to get a scrumptious lunch box dish in minutes.

5)Poha Recipe

poha has to be one of the healthies lunch box meal that you can prepare for your kids at home! It serves you an ample amount of carbs and other vital nutrients to keep you nourished and full!

6)Green Peas And Moong Dal Chilla Recipe

Chillas can be called Indian flatbread recipes and we love this moong dal chilla as it not only gives us carbs but sources us protein as well. Try this at home and you will have a lunch box favourite.

7)Aloo Matar Gravy Recipe: How To Prepare Potato Peas Gravy At Home

Making new side dishes everyday can be hectic as nobody has the time in the morning to experiment with dishes. This aloo matar gravy is one of our favourite side dish recipe.

8)Bhindi Masala Recipe: How To Prepare Dry Bhindi Masala At Home

This dry veggie recipe will take minutes to prepare!Perfect to go with rice or chapati and quite easy to make in a busy day!

9)Egg Fried Rice Recipe: How To Prepare Egg Fried Rice At Home

For a combo of carbs and protein, our tasty egg fried recipe is a must try!

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 29, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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