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Top Indian Curry Recipes | Top Vegetarian Curry Recipes | Top Indian Recipes

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Curry! Indian recipes are largely associated with curries! With our dynamic range of spices and an array of stunning traditional recipes, curries are everything good that can happen to a food platter and we are swooning over our top Indian curry recipes.

Over the years, Indian recipes have been evolved and enriched with various inspirations of both regional and foreign cultures. Each region of India contains a number of mouth-watering delicacies that will compel you to try them at home right away!

But before we go on to talk about our favourite curry recipes, it is important to know the origin of these stunning dishes and how they've evolved over the years. Often, we come across this notion from people outside of India that Indian recipes loosely translate into curries and by curries they indicate a set of spices, mixed in a gravy to serve with vegetables.

Taking a quick glance at our rich palette of food is enough to shatter this misconception. Curry in its essential sense implies a rich gravy, which is accompanied with a number of spices and served with either meat, beans or vegetables. The spices differ as we travel from North to South, East to West, along with the taste and usage of various vegetables, sprouts and other things.

For our top Indian curry recipes, we have accumulated dishes from all across India, from Rajasthani cuisine, we have Methi gatte ki sabji, from North Indian food platter, we have punjabi aloo, dahi bhindi, aloo matar gravy and more. From the stunning South Indian recipes, we have taken some of our instant curry recipes, which stay close to our heart for being so easy to prepare.

To know more about our recipes, take a quick look at our top Indian curry recipes and let us know which ones will you be making this week.

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1)Punjabi Dum Aloo Recipe | Dum Aloo Recipe | Punjabi Aloo Recipe

Though this recipe does not come in a thin curry form, this rich punjabi potato curry recipe has our heart as being a perfect fusion of rich creamy potatoes coupled with stunning spices, that is a gastronomical heaven for potato lovers.

2)Dahi Bhindi: How To Make Okra Yogurt Gravy Recipe

An easy-to-prepare okra recipe can be our instant meal fix on a busy day. This delicious recipe is a big plus from our end for being so tasty and nutritious at the same time.

3)Aloo Matar Gravy Recipe: How To Prepare Potato Peas Gravy At Home

Aloo matar gravy is renowned for being a protein-packed recipe. Check out the sumptuous recipe link by clicking on it.

4)Methi Gatte Ki Sabzi Recipe: How To Prepare Rajasthani Dana Methi And Gatte Ki Sabzi

A spicy and delicious curry recipe, from the land of Rajasthan! We love the combo of besan ki ghatte and methi and we believe this recipe will surely make a place in your favourite curry recipe.

5)Gatte Ki Sabzi Recipe: Rajasthani Besan Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte ki sabji is made of spicy dumplings coupled with a delicious curry. A traditional rajasthani dish like this will surely lift your mood with its utter deliciousness.

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