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Top Flatbread Recipes | Top Healthy Roti Recipes | Best Bread Recipes

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Flatbread recipes will always be a yes from our end, as the variations of our favourite flatbread recipes are endless in number and each one of us has a particular favourite flatbread recipe.

We love our rotis or flatbreads for everything they offer us in a crispy outer layer with so much going on in the inside. Flatbreads that come with a filling always excite us more as the soft and moist filling releases a delectable taste, amplified by the crunchy outer layers and we just can't turn away from that, can we, now?

top flatbread recipes

For our top flatbread recipes, we have excluded the simple phulka recipe or the classic Indian flatbreads as we all know its undeniable existence already and included recipes from all across the country, with or without fillings and take it from us, some of them will surprise you for sure.

So why flatbread is a necessity in your daily diet chart, you ask? Along with rice, flatbread works aptly in a balanced diet-chart, as an enriched source of side-carb and according to the dietitians, flatbread is a must in your food-chart if you are trying to get rid of that love-handle around the belly.

So, for those who are determined to get a better physique without spending those long hours in the gym, you can simply switch to flatbreads from rice and you will notice the difference from the first two weeks itself.

We believe the best bread recipes are those that come with a "healthy for you" tag, so all of our top roti recipes are extremely healthy, catering you the exact amount of calories that you need, plus enriching you with an array of nutritional benifits along with a platter of unique flavours, varying for each recipe.

So, take a quick look at the list below and don't forget to let us know which ones will be a permanent one in your daily food-routine.

top flatbread recipes

1)Shenga Holige Recipe | How To Make Peanut Poli | Shenga Poli Recipe | Peanut Obatu Recipe

2)Kayi Holige Recipe | Nariyal Puran Poli Recipe | Kobbari Obbattu Recipe

3)Bele Obbattu Recipe: How To Make Puran Poli At Home

4)Low Calorie : Methi Oats Roti Recipe

5)Low Calorie : Oats Roti Recipe

6)Akki Rotti Recipe: Karnataka Style Akki Rotti Recipe

7)Ragi Rotti Recipe

8)How To Make Avarekai Roti

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