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Top 10 Milk Recipes | Best Milk Recipes | 10 Best Milk Recipes

Written By: Arpita

While growing up, we all shared a love-hate relationship with milk, while we loved ice-creams, kulfis, yummy milk-shakes or a bowlful of milk-pudding, milk in itself was hard to gulp down at dinner table and some of us always tried to find ingenious techniques to avoid having it.

But as we were growing up, milk handed us some of the tastiest dessert recipes that we have ever indulged in, from Rasmalai to Misti Doi, from Rasogolla to Sandesh or simply a creamy bowlful of Malai Kheer, milk recipes have stayed close to our heart which we are always eager to prepare.

Milk is widely renowned for being such a versatile ingredient that can be incorporated in savoury as well as sweet recipes and the end result is always a delicious platter of food, enriched with the creaminess of milk, promising to endow you with a high amount of protein, calcium and a number of vitamins.

For all the sweet-tooth out there, milk-based sweet recipes are a great win-win, as we get to satiate our eternal cravings for dessert recipes along with enriching our body with innumerable nutritional benefits. To cheer up a gloomy day, what can be better than a bowlful of creamy milk-pudding, laced with saffron (kesar), pistachios (pista) or almonds?

So, here is a list of our top 10 milk recipes which are very near and dear to our heart and these easy milk-recipes will hardly take any effort to be prepared. Take a quick look at these best milk recipes below and tell us about your favourite milk recipes in the comment section.

Top 10 milk recipes
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