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Chicken Bhatti Chaat Recipe

Posted By: Staff

Chicken chaat is not exactly a commonly made chaat recipe. Even more uncommon is the concept of using Bhatti masala in it. This unique Indian chicken recipe is thus perfect to surprise your guests.

Bhatti masala is of course the prime ingredient of this chaat recipe.

It can either be bought readymade from the spice stores or you can learn to make it at home. A detailed procedure for the Bhatti masala is given here.

Chicken chaat is very popular among non-vegetarians who would like to enjoy some juicy meat with the flavour of the chaats. It is a quick recipe though it takes a bit of preparation time. If you have everything ready, you can serve it in minutes. Here is how you can go about it.

Chicken Bhatti Chaat Recipe

Chicken Bhatti Chaat Recipe | How To Prepare Chicken Bhatti Chaat Recipe At Home | Chicken Bhatti Chaat |
Prep Time
20 Mins
Cook Time
Total Time
1 Hours

Recipe By: Boldsky Staff

Recipe Type: Snacks

Serves: 3

  • Coriander seeds - ½ tsp

    Fenugreek (methi) dried - ½ tsp

    Peppercorn - ½ tsp

    Garam masala - ½ tsp

    Cumin seeds - ½ tsp

    Red chilli powder - 1 pinch

    Chicken (boneless) small-sized pieces - 10

    Lemons - 2 (juiced)

    Ginger and garlic paste - 1 tbsp

    Onion - 1 (chopped)

    Tomato - 1 (diced and chopped)

    Sprouts - 1 cup

    Pineapple - 4 slices

    Grapes (black) - 1 cup

    Cucumber - ½ (sliced)

    Lettuce - 4 leaves

    Chaat masala - 1 tsp

    Red chilli powder - ½ tsp

    Black salt - 1 tsp

    Oil - 1 tbsp

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How to Prepare
  • 1. First, grind all the ingredients of the Bhatti masala in a blender.

    2. Marinate the chicken pieces with this masala, salt and squeeze a lemon into it.

    3. Leave it for half an hour while you chop the rest of the fruits and vegetables.

    4. Heat oil in a shallow pan and saute the chicken pieces in it.

    5.Cover and cook the chicken for 10 minutes on low flame.

    6. Assemble all the chopped vegetables and fruits with the sprouts in a bowl. Toss the fried chicken pieces into it.

    7. Season it with chaat masala and red chilli powder. Squeeze the other lemon into it. Sprinkle black salt.

    8. Toss it up nicely and then refrigerate the chaat.

    9. Serve chicken bhatti chaat chilled to your guests.

  • Garam masala and other spices too can be included while adding the masala.
Nutritional Information
  • Serving size - 1 serve
  • Calories - 220 cal
  • Fat - 5 g
  • Carbohydrates - 6 g
  • Sugar - 2 g
  • Fibre - 1 g
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