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Tips To Keep Your Toddler Active

By Asha Das

Toddlers always want to wriggle from your grasp and they want to enjoy moving and playing all over. Even though you may feel tired running behind them for the whole day, be happy that your toddler is one among those happy and active children.

Being active will help your toddler develop their social, emotional, physical and cognitive capacities. Your toddler will hear, smell, see and feel everything around him/her, and this is helpful in making new connections with the outside world. It is important to keep your toddler active in a loving, consistent and predictable manner.

Here are some easy tips to keep your toddler energetic and active.

A healthy diet: Feeding your toddler with the right healthy food is very important. A toddler will be active only if he/she has a proper mental and physical health. Nothing to get surprised if your hungry toddler cry and irritate you staying inactive.

Play outdoors: You can let your baby go out of the four walls of your room. You can experience their excitement to play in the outdoors. This is an excellent way to stimulate your toddler to be active and dynamic by exploring the world around them.

Communication: Talking constantly is an effective way to keep your toddler active. They will counter to your sound and will keep responding instinctively of their own. This will help them to be busy studying language as well.

Creative toys: Instead of providing soft toys and idles, you may try giving creative toys for your toddlers. This will keep them active by exercising their body and brain. Creative toys will encourage development and provide stimulation.

Introduce books: As your child is a toddler now, it is the best time to introduce books to them. You may try books with interesting pictures. Books with exaggerated pictures will capture your toddler's attention faster. Board books with lift-the-flaps will also be a good entertainment to keep your toddler active.

Rhymes and songs: Sing rhymes and songs to your toddler when you feel they are inactive. Toddlers always love to imitate you, and they will also try to mimic your songs and action. This will keep them full of zip and active.

Play with others: If your toddler has siblings, grandparents or neighbourhood friends, allow them to play all together. This is definitely a good idea to keep your toddler active. This will help them to develop their social relations as well.

Positive feedback: Your toddler is not at an age to discriminate right and wrong. So, try to give them positive feedback for their deeds. Punishing physically for any mess may not help you to keep your toddler active and enthusiastic.

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Story first published: Wednesday, June 12, 2013, 10:00 [IST]
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