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Drinking During Pregnancy Can Give Your Baby Diseases

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A recent study claims that drinking any amount of alcohol during pregnancy can put the baby at an increased risk of 428 distinct disease conditions which are associated with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD - is a broad term describing the range of disabilities that can occur in individuals as a result of alcohol exposure before birth).

Drinking during the first trimester of pregnancy is much more risky as it can lead to even a painful miscarriage. Experts suggest that pregnant mothers should discard the habit a year before even trying to conceive, as it can also affect the chances of getting pregnant and in the long run will reduce the longevity of the mother's lifespan.

Drinking During Pregnancy Can Give Your Baby Diseases

Drinking alcohol on a daily basis can also effect the walls of the uterus which in time reduces the ability to carry a foetus.

According to this study, researchers have also identified 428 distinct disease conditions that co-occur in people with FASD. One of the researchers state, "We have systematically identified numerous disease conditions co-occurring with FASD, which underscores the fact that it is not safe to drink any amount or type of alcohol at any stage of pregnancy, despite the conflicting messages the public may hear."

The researcher further explains that intoxication of alcohol for a long period of time will affect the organs or the entire system of the developing foetus.


The study also goes on to describe the severity and symptoms of FASD. On the other hand, along with alcohol consumption the other factors in the mother's life also plays extreme importance at the time of pregnancy, which are none other than stress levels, nutrition and environmental influences.

The effects of these factors along with genetic factors affect the growing foetus and invite further complications during pregnancy.

As mentioned earlier in the study, drinking little or a lot of alcohol during pregnancy puts your baby at an increased risk of 428 diseases which includes the breakdown of the central nervous system which is the brain, the vision development is affected, hearing is underdeveloped, the foetus can go into a cardiac arrest, alcohol can drastically affect the blood circulation, digestion too is affected causing the child to lose it's life.

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Further more, drinking alcohol also leads to the musculoskeletal and respiratory systems in the growing foetus. Scary enough? Due to these many complications it is best and wise for women to give on drinking alcohol, if wanting to start a family in the near future.

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