How To Make Your Baby Burp Faster: Step-by-Step Method

By Meera M A
Baby Burp Faster Step by Step | बच्चे को डकार ऐसे दिलाना है सही | Boldsky

A baby is the cutest form that can ever exist in this world. Anything they do is cute - be it a burp or a hiccup. However, a mother or anyone taking care of the baby must take an intense care while handling the little one.

Their skin and body parts are so tiny and fragile that even a small touch can cause redness or wrinkles on their skin. There are even certain right positions to hold a baby in, as their muscles and organs would not have stiffened in the beginning.

Feeding a baby is also a difficult task. But after feeding, there is a mandatory task that every parent must complete - burp their baby. Only when the baby relieves out the extra air from the body will the mother get the satisfaction of feeding her baby. If the baby does not burp after having food, there are chances that she/he would spit up.

However, burping a baby is not as easy as one might think it is. Every baby burp serves a purpose, something which most parents are unaware of. Small-sized belches help in releasing the extra air trapped in your baby's stomach, which would make your baby feel less fussy and more comfortable.

The process of burping also frees up the baby's stomach and makes space for a more quantity of food to be taken in. Along with comparatively smaller and more frequent meals, burping activity can be beneficial for the babies who have the tendency to spit up often or have symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD).

However, it is not compulsory that a baby should necessarily burp. There are babies who burp a lot and there are also others who do not burp at all. You can understand and learn the mannerisms and requirements of your baby and act accordingly.

However this task of burping a baby might not be as easy as one might think. The below provided steps would make it quite easy for you however. Take a look.

tips to make baby burp

STEP 1: Cover Yourself With A Burp Cloth

Put a burp cloth over either on your shoulder or your lap, depending on where you are planning to keep the baby. The cloth can either be the actual burp cloth that you have received which someone has gifted you, or any normal cloth. This is to protect your dress in case the baby spits up a little.

tips to make baby burp

STEP 2: Rest The Baby Comfortably On Yourself

Hold your baby comfortably against your chest and make sure that your baby has kept his/her chin on your shoulder. Keep your hand on the lower back area of the baby and with your other hand, slowly pat on the upper back area of the baby. This can be done in whichever position you and the baby are comfortable in. Some would use the rocking chair, as they believe that the rocking motion helps very much in the process. You can also do this while walking. Just that all the touches on the baby's body should be soft and tender.

tips to make baby burp

STEP 3: Pat Or Gently Rub On the Baby's Back

Next, sit your baby down on your lap and support him/her by holding the chin and chest with one hand of yours. In this process, make sure you do not hold tight by placing any of your fingers unknowingly on the little one's throat. Always be extra-cautious while taking care of a baby. Now, with your free hand, pat the baby on his/her upper back. Patting harder or faster does not fuel the whole process of making the baby burp. So try and pat slowly and gently.

tips to make baby burp

STEP 4: Place Your Baby On Your Lap, Face Down

After this, lay your baby on your lap, face down. The baby's head should be slightly over your legs. His chin should be held up a little, so that the chin is higher than the baby's chest. In this position, continue the process of patting your baby's upper back gently. You might feel this task to be a little tedious and heavy. But this is the right way of doing things when you have a baby. Don't worry, practice makes everything and everyone perfect. The difficulty would only be in the initial stages. Later on, you might even master these tasks. On that happy note, let us move on to the next step.

STEP 5: Make Sure To Burp Your Baby Twice While Feeding

The baby who is fed using a feeding bottle takes in more air and might feel full faster. It is seen that the breastfed baby swallows less air to the one fed by the feeding bottle. It is essential to burp the baby twice - once before feeding and the second time after feeding. If the baby swallows more air during the process of feeding, he/she might feel full early and might not take in the adequate and required amount. A bottle-fed baby must be burped every 2-3 times during the feeding process. In the case of a breastfed baby, he/she must be burped every time the mother changes breasts.

You need to burp your baby only if he/she seems uncomfortable while feeding. The baby might appear fidgety, or pull away and start crying. Only then give burping a small try. After bottle-feeding, consider taking a burping break after every 2 to 3 ounces.

If you are breastfeeding, burp the baby when your baby switches breasts or if you are nursing. Do not bother burping the baby is he/she seems to be falling asleep or seems content. After 4 to 6 months of age, babies stop swallowing much air during their food sessions. Thus, always understand your baby's mannerisms and check whether the little one really needs the burp or not.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 18:30 [IST]
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