Why Comparing Your Child With Others Is Bad

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Parents generally tend to resort to comparison in order to make their kids perform well. It has become a general parenting pattern but is unhealthy, say researchers.

Comparing your kid with someone else in school or neighborhood may make your kid hate himself or herself for not being able to live up to your expectations.

In the initial stages, a kid may strive harder when he or she is shown someone like a benchmark to reach, but gradually the kid will lose interest and may start feeling stressed up.

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Why Comparing Your Child To Others Is Bad

Your child might feel stressed up if you keep comparing him or her with other kids around. Remember that you are putting lots of pressure on the shoulders of your kid when you show a better example around. Instead of that, you can always ask your kid to aim high and perform well.

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A study showed that kids who are generally compared tend to suffer low self esteem levels. They may feel that they are inadequate and useless. In fact, the academic performance of such children may gradually get affected.

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Your child may feel comfortable in isolation and may stop socialising if you kill the self esteem in your child. When inferiority complex starts developing, even the adult life of your kid may get affected badly.

Comparing Your Child To Others

Also, your kid may start feeling jealous of others around with whom he or she is being compared. He may start hating those kids.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 12, 2016, 8:28 [IST]
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