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What Happens To Children When Parents Fight?


What happens to children when parents fight?

Parents who are always tearing each other's throat should spend a few moments on this article.

According to recent reports, studies show that 90 per cent of the children are affected by their parent's behaviour, and this causes them to develop certain types of health problems like depression and anxiety.


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Fighting in front of your kids can also kill them, says another report. If parents have a problem with each other, they should go to a room, close the door and sort it out within the four walls and not in front of their children.

When the child sees the parents fight, the only thing that comes to the his/her mind is a feeling of insecurity and divorce.

Children have become extremely smart and they are well aware of the results when their folks are at a war end. It is also noted that regular fighting in front of the kids will only leave the child mentally disturbed, thus affecting their overall growth and development.

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So, here are some of the major things that can happen to your kids when you tend to have an argument in front of them, take a look:


They Go Into Depression:

Children who are constantly exposed to their parents fighting go into a sort of a depression. They resent the need to smile and to be happy.


They Live In Fear:

Parents who throw abusive words at each other have children who live in fear. If you and your spouse want to fight, do it elsewhere and not in front of your child.


They Become Mentally Disturbed:

When children become mentally disturbed, it is sad to see them in such a state. They gradually lose out on their innocent life and it is all due to their parent's mistake.


They Lose Out A Lot In Life:

Notice those children who live in a home where their parents are at constant war with each other. You will see that these children are quite, reserved and are not likely to mix around much. This is one of the ways in which a parent's abuse can affect the child.


They Feel Like A Problem:

Over a period of time, children feel that they are a problem to the parents, which is why they fight. Never allow your child to consider himself/herself to be a problem.


They Become Lonesome:

Children become lonesome when they see their parents fight with each other. They lose out on whom to trust, and this sees them in a difficult position when growing up.


They Become Aggressive:

Children become aggressive seeing their parents fight, as they feel that this is a way to live. It affects their lifestyle and changes their behaviour too.

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