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7 Ways To Make Your Kid Love Academics

By Ajanta Sen

Do you have a kid who is unwilling to go to school? Have you ever tried to know the reason of his/her disinterest towards school?

Well, the reason might be the academic subjects that are being taught in his/her school. If that is the reason then you should really look into this matter very seriously.

No matter how obedient or well-behaved your kid is, if you do not help your kid to develop interest in academics, he/she can never find happiness in his/her school life.

The earlier your children start loving academics, the more they would be happier and successful in their lives.

You should explain your kids that learning is not just to please their teachers or parents. There should be a passion for learning. You should help your kid develop a passion for academics.

If you start helping your kids to love academics at an early age, they would continue this practice all through their lives, and it will ultimately help them achieve greater heights in their career.

This article highlights 7 ways to make your kid love academics. Read on the following tips to make your kid love his/her academics:


Give A Tranquil Place To Study

Make sure that your kid has his/her own study room where he/she can study attentively. Subjects like Mathematics need contemplation, regular practice and a focussed mind. Giving your kid a serene place or room to study is one of the 7 ways to make your kid love academics.


Set A Particular Time For Regular Study

Just like how your kid has a fixed time for sleeping and waking up daily, similarly you must fix a time for his/her daily study.


Turn Off All The Distractions

Whenever it is the study time of your kid, make sure that you turn off all the distractions in your home such as TV, radio, music system, computer, etc. This will help your kid to focus on his/her academics better.


Furnish Your Kid With Educational Materials

Textbooks and internet are just not enough to help your kids with their academics. You need to invest in various educational resources and references as well. These educational materials include yearbooks, CD-ROMs, encyclopedias, manuals, etc. Encourage your kids to read in their spare time. If your kids are in pre-school, make it a habit to read to them daily during bedtime. This is also one among the 7 ways to make your kid love academics.


Let Your Kids Gain Knowledge Through TV Channels

A majority of the parents believe that watching too much television can have negative effects on their kids. However, studies say that many brilliant students have gained extra knowledge through some educational and knowledgeable TV channels. Allow your kids to watch TV for a couple of hours and encourage them to watch channels like National Geographic or Discovery, so that they can enhance their knowledge in the relevant subjects like Geography, History, etc.


Communication Is A Must

It is extremely important to communicate with your kids on a daily basis. Make it a habit to have an open discussion with them daily. Ask them whether they are having any difficulty in any particular subject. Help your kids with that particular subject by either guiding them yourself or by hiring a reputable tutor for them. This is one of the 7 ways to make your kid love academics.


Do Not Scold

Never scold your kid if he/she couldn't score well in any particular subject. Sometimes, parents put too much pressure on their kids to score well in a particular subject. This can create a terror for that particular subject. Instead of scolding or pressurising your child, support your kid even if he/she scores less, this will help him/her perform better the next time.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 16, 2016, 17:30 [IST]
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