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Is Your Kid Telling Lies?

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If your kid is telling lies, blame yourself first! A new study says that it is not wise to tell lies in front of kids. In fact, researchers say that even if it is just to scare your kids or pamper them, it is not advisable to lie.

Is Your Kid Telling Lies

Kids who see their parents lie may form the same habit and may also start cheating once they are gown ups. So, this study confirms that adult behaviour will surely affect and shape the child's behaviour in a negative way.

Is Your Kid Telling Lies2

As a part of this study, researchers observed more than 150 kids whose age was between 3 and 7. All the kids were grouped into 2 separate groups. One group was told a lie by the researchers. The kids were told that there are lots of sweets and candies in an adjacent room. Another group was not told any lie.

Is Your Kid Telling Lies3

After some time, both the groups were allowed to play certain games and this is where researchers observed peculiar behaviour. The group which was told lies started cheating other boys while playing games whereas the other group which wasn't told a lie, played honestly.

Is Your Kid Telling Lies4

Though the exact reasons are still not evident, researchers say that it would be wise to raise kids amidst an environment that is clean, polite and devoid of any bad behaviour or habits.

As kids tend to pick up negative traits faster than positive ones. It is better to mind your behaviour at least when your kids are around.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 19, 2016, 18:31 [IST]
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