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How To Control Your Kid’s Portion Size

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To counter childhood obesity, controlling the portion size of your kid is very important as the quantity of food plays a major role in the number of calories your kid consumes.

Of course, some foods are dense in calories and some are not. Calorie dense foods cause weight gains even when eaten in small quantities.

But still, it is very important to keep an eye on the quantity of food your kid eats so that you can control childhood obesity before it actually happens.

How To Control Your Kid’s Portion Size

Use Small Plates
When your kid is too young to know how much to eat, it is better to use small plates to feed him because that may make him eat less and feel full faster. Using big plates and filling the whole plate with food may make one feel forced to empty the plate. This could be one reason why most of us gain extra pounds.

How To Control Your Kid’s Portion Size2

Feed More Of Salads
Whenever you get a chance, it is better to feed your kid with a salad so that the fibre content in them will keep your kid full for longer. It keeps the appetite under control.

How To Control Your Kid’s Portion Size3

Give Fruits Instead Of Sweets
Chocolates, ice creams and candies are unhealthy. How about feeding your kid with apples and bananas which have natural sugar content in them? Yes, replace sugary foods with fruits.

How To Control Your Kid’s Portion Size4

Offer Milk When Cravings Hit
Milk is a highly nutritious food and unless your kid suffers lactose intolerance, there is no reason to avoid milk. Also, when one drinks enough milk, the carvings for other foods may decrease.

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Story first published: Tuesday, June 28, 2016, 9:17 [IST]
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