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Does Snoring Affect Your Kid's Academics?

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A new study claims that kids who snore may score poorly in their academics. This study further claims that snoring could also affect a kid's cognitive abilities. As snoring could affect the quality of sleep, it could indirectly affect a kids' performance.

Does Snoring Affect Your Kid's Academics1

Some kids snore occasionally, but if it happens regularly then it could be a disorder called as sleep apnea. This disorder could affect the learning abilities and concentration.

Does Snoring Affect Your Kid's Academics2

A kid suffering sleep apnea may also suffer breathing issues while sleeping. Surgery could reduce the problem.As a part of the study, more than 1300 kids between the ages 5 and 7 were closely observed. The ones who snore and the ones who never snored were grouped separately.

Does Snoring Affect Your Kid's Academics3

The quality of sleep was studied and the cognitive abilities were also measured using certain questionnaires. Once the study was over, researchers concluded that snoring could drastically affect the cognitive abilities of kids.

Does Snoring Affect Your Kid's Academics4

So, if your kid is performing poorly in academics and also suffers the problem of snoring, then there could be a link between both. Maybe it is good to consult a doctor and take the necessary action to improve the sleep quality of your kid.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 18, 2016, 9:30 [IST]
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