Does A Mother's Depression Affect Child?

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A new study claims that depression of parents could affect the academic performance of children. Especially, when parents suffer depression when the children are between 1-14 years of age, the risk would be higher. The study further says that depression of parents may impact the growth and development of children.

Does A Mother's Depression Affect Child

After studying the behaviour of nearly 10 lakh children, researchers understood that parental depression can somehow affect the child's studies.

Does A Mother's Depression Affect Child6

When researchers compared the academic performance of children whose mothers suffered from depression with that of other children they came to know that parental depression may bring down the child's performance by at least 4-5% on an average.

Does A Mother's Depression Affect Child4

To put in a nutshell, any factor that disturbs a child's smooth academic career may influence the performance in the long run as until the child grows into an adult, it would be tough to face obstacles of life.

Does A Mother's Depression Affect Child2

This study also says that compared to a father's depression, a mother's depression may affect male children. Depression is a state where one feels miserable for no reason and may feel like doing nothing. All joy and enthusiasm misses when a person suffers this condition.

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When a mother suffers this condition, she may find it difficult to bond with her child and this may further increase her sadness and fear of losing the love of the child.

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Research says that some mothers suffer depression but might not attempt to get it diagnosed as they don't want to be perceived as someone who is suffering from a medical condition. But now, researchers recommend treatment for depression as this study revealed that depression of a parent could affect even the future of a child too.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 4, 2016, 21:01 [IST]
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