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Why Modern Parents Pamper & Spoil Kids?

Do modern parents pamper and spoil the child? A recent study says yes. According to experts, parenting patterns have changed over the decades and there are some positive effects as well as negative effects today.

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Of course, no parent would want to pamper and spoil the kid but unknowingly, parents tend to shower lots of affection on their kids. Some kids may still be grounded amidst such parental care whereas others may take things for granted and end up being spoilt-brats.

Often, such kids grow up into rude and arrogant adults who seldom care about anything else apart from self-gratification.

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Putting aside the debate of the pros and cons of such parenting styles, let us simply discuss about the reasons why some parents generally pamper and spoil the kid.

Why Modern Parents Pamper And Spoil The Child

Some Parents Want To Satisfy Themselves
It is a fact that some parents derive a great sense of pleasure when they pamper their kids and treat them like royal children. This gradually turns into a habit and this is how they continue buying a great life for their kids even after the children grow up into adults.

They Want To Shower Affection
Some parents believe that the only way to shower affection on their kids is by pampering them a lot. They think that money can display affection. They buy everything they come across for the kids and this may sometimes make the kid think that life is easy.

They Want To Give Better Living Standards
Some parents who had a tough childhood generally dream of giving a better life filled with luxuries to their children. In an attempt to do so, they unknowingly pamper their kids.

They Just Want To Satisfy Their Egos
For some parents their kids are like their alter egos. They are like extensions of their own personalities. This makes them show over-affection on their kids.

Story first published: Thursday, June 11, 2015, 17:57 [IST]
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