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Tips To Make Your Toddler Concentrate On Studies

By Puruvi Sirohi Singh Tara

A toddler is a stage in child’s life when he is bubbling with curiosity and is packed with energy. He wants to explore everything within his reach and eye level. But with the increasing peer pressure and over smart children it is very important to channelize their energies and make the best use of it.

What can be a better way than to engage them in a habit of healthy reading and writing? But is it that easy? Well if you ask the parents then the answer is ‘No’, in fact most of the parents with a toddler struggle very hard to catch their attention and divert it towards the books. The distractions are many and the influence of these can be seen in the behavioural patterns and activities of the little monsters. They are much more aware of their surrounding, and are smarter and sharper in many folds. They deal with everything in very creative way and are extremely insightful in all their little endeavours.

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Thus, the best way is to utilize all these qualities. These tools can be used to get their attention and help them concentrate on studies which could lighten and brighten their futures ahead. A small list of tips to make toddlers concentrate studying with some key points to be kept in mind are:

1. Make It Fun
The best tips to make toddlers concentrate studying is to make it as much fun as possible. Use colourful stationary, pencils, books and pictures. Use audio books or take the help of television to help them concentrate. Use their liking to make them do things of your liking.

2. Don’t Force Instead Show Faith In Them
Using force only makes people fear a thing. The motive here is not to make them feel scared instead love it which will help increase their concentration in studies. So it gets to be the in tips to make toddlers concentrate studying.

3. Constant Effort
Teaching and learning is a constant effort and gets to be the next on the list of tips to make toddlers concentrate studying. Don’t stop or relax. Use everyday activities and conversations to constantly motivate them to concentrate on their studies. But this no way means one makes them detest the subject.

4. Solve Underlying Issues
Sometimes the issue is not that the child doesn't want to concentrate but he is unable to do because of some underlying condition. Hence, recognise those and work on them to get your next important tips to make toddlers concentrate studying.

5. Recognise His Limitations Realistically
Not all children are good in studies; some are really good in art or music. Let the child enjoy his hobby and then ask him to study making this an excellent studying tip for toddlers.

6. Remove The Distractions And Set A Timer
Studying tips for toddlers would include removing his distraction and setting a timer at the end of which he will be reunited with his toys and games.

7. Use Positive Motivation
Try rewarding the child. Studying tips for toddlers would incorporate rewarding good behaviour as essential, making it a positive motivation.

8. Practice What You Preach
When a child sees the parent reading beside him, it is bound to have positive impact making it as great studying tips for toddlers.

Story first published: Sunday, March 8, 2015, 8:34 [IST]