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Tips To Get Kids Away From Using Gadgets

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Sometimes, even too much is not enough! This is the attitude of modern kids when it comes to spending time with gadgets and gizmos. Using gadgets for long time without any regulations can have many serious effects on your child’s physical and mental health. As time goes on, this will have its own impact on emotional, mental and physical growth.

Why Play Is Important For Kids

Before blaming your children, take a look at your own lifestyle and see how you can adjust without having gadgets. If you wonder what to do if your kids get addicted to gadgets and gizmos, know that bringing them out of the addiction should be a gradual process.

Rewards For Your Kid's Behavior

Make it a team effort and encourage the whole family to be a part of it. Make a plan and implement it step by step. If you feel that the situation is out of your control, never hesitate to get professional help from experts in the field. They can guide you in a better way with advices on how to get kids away from using gadgets.

Here, let us discuss on how to get kids away from using gadgets.


Know Why They Love Gadgets

Before complaining that your kids are always with gadgets, try to find out the reasons for that. Don't be one among those parents who encourage kids to play with gadgets just to avoid giving them attention. Gradually, this will become an idea for the kids also to escape from the reality of the world.


Encourage Outdoor Activities

Ask your children to spend time in the outdoors. This will make them mentally and physically fit, especially if they can play with peer groups. Also, this will help them divert their minds instead of sitting idle on a couch with gadgets.


Set A Time Table

Older children need some screen time nowadays for their studies and projects. It is better to set a daily routine timetable for your kids with specific time for using gadgets. But, make sure that they are not spending time simply watching cartoons, chatting or playing games.


Replace Gadget Games

If you wonder what to do if your kids get addicted to gadgets and gizmos, here is an interesting idea. If they love playing cards or chess on the computer screen, introduce the real games to them and play with them. This will divert their interest from the screen to reality with more excitement.


Develop A Hobby

Getting free time is the major reason why children spend more time with gadgets. One interesting idea to change this habit is to develop some hobbies, no matter how simple and silly they are. You can encourage them to try stamp collection, coin collection or gardening.


Teach A Skill

Learning something new is the best idea to keep their brain active and engaged. So, give an opportunity for your kids to learn something new like swimming, or a new sport, a new language, or magic, or musical instruments or even dance.



Take your kids for picnic or trekking whenever time permits. Allow your kids to spend time in nature; this will be a great idea to bring your kids to the real world. A park or a beach can make your kids more active than an enclosed home filled with gdagets.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 21:45 [IST]
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