Reason For Marriage Problems After Baby

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A recent study says that more than illnesses, having kids can strain the relationship more. As a part of the study, nearly 700 couples were studied and the quality of their marital life was analysed. Most of them reported marriage problems after baby.

When a relationship transforms into parenthood, certain changes take place in the equations of the couples and their functional roles. Maybe this is the reason why a greater strain is caused in the relationship.

Marriage Problems After Baby- Quarrel

Also, another reason for strained relationships is the fact that most of the women have to leave their careers at least for a while due to pregnancy and child care issues. As there are very limited good child care centers, most of the women prefer to stay at home even when they have a brilliant career. This may cause frustration.

Marriage Problems After Baby- Fight

As illnesses or accidents are seen more of fate and childbirth more a choice, strained couples often feel that they made a choice at the wrong time of their lives especially when parenting seems to be taxing.

Marriage Problems After Baby- Happy Mom

This study also claims that many couples maintain a stable relationship irrespective of many ups downs but certain factors like raising children play a very important role in the quality of a relationship.

Marriage Problems After Baby- Happy Mother

So, health experts suggest that couples should plan childbirth at the right time and it should be a mutual decision to avoid relationship problems after baby. Also, when the responsiblties are equally shared and when the roles are properly played, the scope for a burnout may reduce.

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Story first published: Tuesday, December 22, 2015, 11:29 [IST]
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