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Pros n Cons Of Kids In Kitchen

By: Asha Das
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Most parents do not care about getting their children involved in cooking. It may be due to various reasons like safety aspects, mess in the kitchen, turnaround time or simply ignorance. If you are one among those enthusiastic parents who want your children to accompany you in the kitchen, then you need to be aware of the pros and cons bringing your kids in the kitchen and make them help in cooking.

Pros and cons of kids in kitchen:

Pros n Cons Of Kids In Kitchen


Making healthy food choices: Learning to cook helps the kids know about the ingredients of each dish and its nutritional value. This will help them make healthy diet choices. They will start loving food and will learn to respect the effort of all those who spend time and energy for them.

Helps in family bonding: Spending time together for cooking is very important than it sounds. This will help your kids understand the importance of helping each other, sharing the work and value of team work. It makes them realise that they are also contributing to the household chores. Moreover all kids love being together with their loved ones.

Loves food: Cooking will help your kids develop a positive association with food and a healthy diet plan. They will no more refuse or complain about food. They will learn to taste and identify each ingredient in food.

Increase self-confidence: All kids are proud in exhibiting their achievements and your appreciation along with this will certainly boost up their self-esteem. Cooking will improve their creativity and boost self-confidence of the kids.


But, allowing or asking your child to cook and have their food alone is not appreciated. This will look discouraging. Understand these cons also if you are planning to take your kid to the kitchen, so that you will be able to make it fun and safe.

Potential dangers: Kitchen is a place where there are maximum hazards in a minimum area. Leaving your kids unattended in the kitchen is dangerous. Chances of accidents should be checked and rechecked before allowing your children to cook; no matter you have traditional or modern kitchen design and equipments.

Emotional health: According to kids, food is something that is closely knitted to their emotional world, from the first feed after their birth onwards. Leaving them to cook food alone will sow the seeds of insecurity and loneliness.

Age matters: Asking your children to cook food before they are mentally prepared for that may not make them feel happy about it. Encourage your child to cook, only when they are at least ten years of age.

Keep your kitchen safe and enjoy the fun of cooking with your kid.

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Story first published: Monday, April 1, 2013, 16:07 [IST]
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