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World Maths Day 2019: How To Kids Can Get Rid Of Their Maths Phobia And Improve Their Skills

By Staff

Mathematics is one subject which has the maximum practical applicability. This develops fear among children which is technically known as, maths phobia (fear of mathematics). Psychologists say that fear is the only factor that does not allow them to achieve more. Children also do not prefer doing homework as they find it to be boring. 15 October is World Maths Day and parents and teachers have to create innovative ways to boost their children's confidence in maths and get over the phobia.

I have given some simple maths games that will help in improvising their skills and abilities in order to lift their confidence level and get over maths phobia.

Game I - Sudoku

Sudoku, a Japanese game is the most popular one which helps to play with numbers. Nowadays these are published in newspapers and we can give our kids to solve the same every day at least during the weekends. It basically has a 9*9 grid with some jumbled numbers. All that we have to do is bring a set of numbers in a row, column and in a box. This is a good brain activity which increases wider thinking and reasoning ability.

Game II - Geometric Puzzles

This is a simple maths game for kids. Giving different shapes to kids and making them join these jumbled pieces to make a picture is fun and good for the brain too! This maths game not only improves brain powder but will help your kid in improve his/her analyzing skills.

Game III - Rubik's Cube

The multi-coloured cube which is more famous and widely used in problem solving is another simple yet effective maths game for your kid to get over the maths phobia. This increases the thinking ability and also helps in improving calculation.

Game IV - Doubling

Here we say a number and ask the child to double it. For example, if we say six the answer of the child should be thirty-six (6*6 =36). We can slowly increase the amount to double digits to get better results.

Similar games like saying a bigger number and making them guess the half the size of it. For example, you can say 100 and their reply should be 50 (half of 100). These are very simple but you can make it in various other multiples to make them more confident.

You can mention a series of numbers which they have to add or subtract or multiply or divide. For instance, if it's an addition game you can say 5...6...7... the reply of the child should be 18 (5+6+7). This maths game can be followed by kids for better practice.

Apart from these, there are other games for kids to practice like Vedic maths and Abacus which gives more easier way of solving huge sums. Children enjoy such games and this makes them get rid of maths phobia.

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