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Embarrassing And Funny Things That Kids Say

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Raising kids is a real difficult job. There are various aspects to it. It becomes very difficult to manage kids once they start growing and grasping the things around them. Kids at times say many funny and embarrassing things to their parents or in front of the family. These are done by them as they are inquisitive about anything new that they come to know. Here are some of the funny and embarrassing things that kids often say or ask their parents.

What's That- This is a very important question that all kids seem to ask. But many a times their 'that' comes at moment that leaves everyone embarrassed. They might happen to see an adult TV commercial and ask "Mamma what is that?" This will leave them with no answer. They understand how difficult it is grow kids by handling them properly at this stage. They come with several weird explanations and try to cover things up.

Funny Kids

Also if suppose you are watching television and a adult scene suddenly comes on the screen. Your kids might all of a sudden come up with a question that states, "What are they doing?" There can be nothing more embarrassing and funny than this action of kids.

Where From- A common funny question that kids ask is, "Where did I come from?" There remains no answer to this question and parents come with stories like, " You were sent to be in flower basket from God, my child." But the funny part with kids is when they demand another brother or sister to be brought in a flower basket.

Why So- All the three 'wh words' seem to be very important with kids. "Why do you and Papa stay together?", "Why do I have a brother and not sister?" and so on. Parents get tired answering all these questions and feel embarrassed at the same time.

All Of A Sudden- Kids you will find say something so sudden on public occasions that it leaves you embarrassed. For example if any situation arises where you have to pick up a heavy weight and you deny, then they might suddenly come up with a comment like, "Why can't you pick this up Papa, I have seen you picking up Mom at home." This is one of the funny things that kids say on occasions.

Call Names- Another one of the most funny things that kids do is call their parents by names. And most often these names are the secret names that their parents call each other with. For example they might suddenly end up calling you "darling", or "sweetheart" in front of a huge crowd and embarrassed you.

These are a few funny things that kids say and do. If any such funny incident is known to you, do share with us.

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