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Fatherhood: What You Must Know?

Posted By: Sneha
Fatherhood details are equally important while preparing for pregnancy. Father's play a very important role in a child's life. So becoming a father also requires some dos and dont's to follow. These following things must be kept in mind when preparing for pregnancy.  Couples, especially a man, must be emotionally ready to become a father.

Details about it are given in the following points.

Fathers Emotional Involvement- Fatherhood is an overlooked aspect in preparing for pregnancy. Usually pregnancy involves mother's body changes and her involvement. Fatherhood is also equally important during planning for pregnancy. Fathers need a lot of emotional and physical support when couples plan for pregnancy. A man must be emotionally stable to handle more responsibility and to support his wife in pregnancy. Emotional attachment with his wife, can make it difficult when there are complications involved during pregnancy. So expecting fathers must be aware of the pros and cons of pregnancy.

Physical Changes In Your Partner, Man Must Be Aware-  While preparing for pregnancy a man must be aware of the physical changes in his partner. Noticeable changes like breasts enlargement, temperature tolerance, mood swings and baby bump, must be accepted by him.  Fatherhood will require you to be patient as your partner can face mood swings and irritability. So, this pregnancy guide requires expecting fathers to be calm and tolerant towards his wife's desires and moods.

Fathers Guide- Fatherhood increases a man's responsibility.  So, the guide to pregnancy requires you to keep in mind some important aspects of being a father. Certain points are liking towards children, whether you can handle the responsibility of a child, whether you can cope with stress and about your own parenting system. These points help you gauge if you are ready to become a father.

Financial Stability- Fatherhood requires you to check if you are financial stable to support a new life. New father's expenses will increase and it is important for you to check if you have enough finances. When couples plan pregnancy, they must be financially stable to deal with the expenses.  Be it the hospital charges or the future expenses of a child, fatherhood comes with all these aspects and responsibilities.

Fathers Requires Some Changes In Habits-  Father's requires maturity in thinking and changing their bad habits. If you are planning pregnancy, then make sure you quit your bad habits. Habits like smoking and drinking can have adverse effect on the expecting mother as well as the child. When planning a baby, you must inculcate the habit of being calm and tolerant to situations. Giving up on your anger is also very important because pregnant wife can not handle your temper.

These points must be kept in mind in new fatherhood

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Story first published: Monday, March 26, 2012, 17:47 [IST]
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