When Does Your Newborn Actually Start Seeing & Hearing

By Shabana

Have you recently been blessed with a newborn bundle of joy? It is so good to finally see our baby after nine months of waiting, isn't it?

Motherhood is an exhilarating experience. Holding your baby in your arms will melt away all the pains of labour that you recently experienced and you just want to make sure that the baby is comfortable all the time.

When Can A Newborn See & Hear Sounds?

New mothers have a lot of doubts on their minds. The feeling of motherhood may take some time to sink in. New mothers constantly worry about things like whether the baby is hungry or sleepy or how she will be able to communicate with the baby.

Newborn babies perceive the world differently. They may be a bit cranky after birth but that is because they are missing the warmth of the womb. The baby will have his own special ways of communicating his needs to you, so you need to just relax and go with the flow.

When Can A Newborn See & Hear Sounds?

Another thing that is a cause of constant worry for new mothers is the development of their baby. It is matter of constant amazement to mothers about what goes inside their babies' brains and how do they process information regarding their surroundings, whether they are able to use their senses of sight or hear their mother's voices.

Your baby may look clueless and innocent, but he is rapidly developing and trying to make sense of the world around him.

Here, in this article, we shall tell you about when your newborn actually starts to hear voices and see things.

When Does Your Newborn Actually Start Seeing & Hearing

When Does The Baby Start Hearing?

Babies develop rapidly when they are in their mother's womb. Babies are able to detect sounds as early as in the third trimester. Yes, your baby is hearing sounds even while still in the womb and he is the most familiar with the mother's voice and heartbeat.

In fact, the mother's heartbeat is the most soothing sound for the baby. That is why doctors suggest holding your newborn close to your chest in order to comfort him. It is also known that your baby is familiar with a few songs he listens to before his birth.

When Can A Newborn See & Hear Sounds?

During his first month in the outer world, the sounds of the world are clear to your baby, but he will be able to differentiate between sounds only after the first month. You may notice that your baby is able to turn to your voice and also get startled by sudden noises like the loud door or bark of the dog.

Babies love soft noises, like soothing lullabies or humming of the fan. This is because he is used to hearing the constant noises of sounds inside your body. Your baby may actually sleep better when there are soft noises in the room when compared to total silence.

When Can A Newborn See & Hear Sounds?

When Do Babies Start Seeing?

A baby's sense of sight is the least developed at birth. He can only see for about 8 to 12 inches far. Everything else is very blurry to them. They also cannot differentiate between colours and can only focus on contrasting images. Your newborn will just be able to see your face feeding him and therefore he feels more attached to you as the days go by.

Your baby is however very intrigued by moving objects and bold patterns that may catch his fancy. When they are about four months old, they finally start making sense of colour and the world seems to be like a huge canvas of colours for them.

When Can A Newborn See & Hear Sounds?

Now, your baby might be able to see the detailed images and also be able to recognise the face of their favourite stuffed toy.

Babies are little miracles who grow rapidly. However, each baby is different than the other, so it might not be feasible to compare.

So, do not worry if your baby is not showing the signs of development sooner, it is just that they do not want to get caught up in the hustle-bustle of life and want to grow at their own pace. If this is what is keeping the baby happy, then you should be too. They will eventually learn everything they need to.

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