Concerned About Your Overweight Baby?

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Consulting a doctor about your the development of your child is a very healthy exercise. An overweight baby in your womb often grows out to be an overweight toddler. But if your child is overweight there is not much reason to worry. Infants have different weights at different stages of their development. So instead of thinking that the baby is fat consult a doctor. Here are a few ways to prevent baby fat.

Time Of Birth- To make sure that you don't give birth to an overweight baby check your weight regularly during pregnancy. The chances of childhood obesity increases if the baby has high birth weight. So go for pregnancy exercises or maintain a healthy diet during pregnancy for a safe child birth.

Overweight Baby

Breast Feed And Portion Control- To see that you do not have an overweight baby, make sure than you breast feed the child. Breast milk is much healthier than the bottled ones. Your baby will definitely lose weight if you start breast feeding the child instead of bottle feeding. This way the child understands when to stop himself/herself once their hunger is satisfied.

But many babies are reluctant to have breast milk. In such cases, you can make your baby lose weight by going for portion control. Check with a doctor and find out how many ounces of milk your child needs. Do not be impulsive and give your child more than that. This might make your baby grow plump otherwise.

Hereditary Problems- Your overweight baby might just inherit his/her problems by genetic means. Check if any one in the family has ever suffered from obesity. If so then consult a paediatrician and go for necessary medications to cut down on the excess baby fat.

Soothe The Baby- Many mothers immediately feed the baby as soon as it cries. You have to remember that the child does not cry out of hunger alone. With some kids breast or bottle feeding is a kind of habit or preliminary addiction. So you better find some other ways to comfort the child. Remember that though an overweight baby looks cute, baby fat is not at all a healthy thing.

Proper Diet- You should check on the diet of your overweight baby to curb the excess fat. Feed him/her solid foods and juices only when recommended by the doctor. Also do not go for the inclusion of too much of fats in the diet list of your baby. Some parents stuff the babies with whole cream milk and butter. That is not a healthy habit for the future.

Maintain all, these healthy habits for to ensure that your baby stays healthy. Just remember, that excess fat may lead to many health problems in the future.

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