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#OnionPrice: These Trending Funny Memes On Onions Have Left Netizens In Splits

Onion is one of the most common and important ingredients used in cooking. But the recent hike in the price of onions is something which has literally made the consumers shed tears. For that reason, the prices have gone up to 100 Rupees per kg in some cities.

While some may be blaming the government for this, the main reason behind the price hike of onions is considered to be the low supply from the flood-affected areas. Meanwhile, some consumers have taken it to another level by adding jokes to it and making memes. Therefore, apart from being teary-eyed on the price hike, you can laugh and enjoy some of the memes which are trending on Twitter under the #OnionPrice hashtag.

People have also making memes to show how onions would be feeling after being sold at such a huge price.

In one meme, you can see a still from the Bollywood movie Super 30 where Hrithik Roshan says that when the right time comes, it is them (he and his students) who will shine no matter what.

There's another meme posted wherein you can see a still from a Netflix series. The actor is seen boasting about his social status which seems equal to being on the moon. The caption of the meme read, "Onion to other vegetables seeing their prices!"

Shrinidhi Hande, a Twitter user commented that the local vegetable vendors are offering one iPhone free with one kg of onions but are still unable to sell their stocks completely.

If you are trying to impress your crush or want to ask the girl of your dreams to marry you, then rather than buying a diamond ring, you can use onion for proposing her. This is what a user tried to show through his meme.

You can see how a man is proposing a woman with the help of an onion. The woman, on the other hand, seems to be smitten on him. LOL!!!

A woman too posted a similar thing in which means it is better to chuck the diamond ring and buy onions for your dream girl.

Some users also compared the onion price with Virat Kohli's score which in turn will make you smile during this onion price hike.

A user asked SBI about the steps he needs to take for getting a loan amount sanctioned. To this, a reply was posted from the official Twitter account of SBI in which the user was requested to elaborate on the query along with the purpose of the loan. Now it was hilarious to see the query and purpose of the loan written by the customer.

During such a situation, people might dream to own a godown full of onions and make others feel jealous. Something similar was shown in a meme posted by another Twitter user.

We hope you liked these memes and enjoyed going through them.

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