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Meet The Indian Baba Who Has Not Washed His Hair For 40 Years

By Nia

There are some of us, so obsessed with our hair, that we can't think of even passing a day without washing it.

However, there is a curious case of an Indian baba, who claims that he has not washed his hair for over 40 years!

The man has not only washed his hair, but he claims he has never got a haircut as well!

Check out the bizarre details about this man, who calls his act as a blessing from God!

Sakal Dev Tuddu is 63 years old and hails from Bihar. He hasn't cut or washed his hair in the past 40 years. He now has six-foot-long dreadlocks! He wears his mat of hair on the top of his head like a turban. He claims that his hair spontaneously got woven together during one night while he was asleep.

Sakal, who is a granddad as well, claimed that one night God visited him in his dream and told him to never cut or wash his hair again. Forty years has passed since then.

Since Sakal does not wash or cut his hair, he keeps it covered with a cloth. His hair is matted into one huge knotted lock, since it's not been washed for so many years.

According to sources, his neighbours call him 'Mahatma Ji' out of respect as he is a holy man. On the professional front, he treats childless couples with home-made remedies.

It is said that before Sakal became a professional healer for childless couples, he worked for the forest department for 31 long years. He claims that his wife Rupiya Devi and all his kids (which includes three sons, three daughters and seven grandchildren) never had any issue with his choice of look.

All Images courtesy: Barcroft

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Story first published: Sunday, July 21, 2019, 11:00 [IST]