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10 Fake Viral Pictures On The Internet That Look Real

There are several images that are being circulated on the internet and they look so real that most of the times, people get confused with the facts.

Whether the creators of these pictures do it for fun or not, such pictures go viral in no time and at least half of the people seeing these pictures believe them to be real. Some of the iconic images that are even circulated to this day are also fake. Check them out.


The Lion Going Through CAT Scan!

This picture belongs to 1970. The picture was used as the intro of a film production company.


This Is Just An Edited Photo!

Well, this is not an angry kitten, it is just that they have added eyebrows to the poor kitten that it makes it look like an angry kitten.


Fake Picture Of 9/11 That Most Of Us Believed Was True!

This is such a relief to those who have been haunted by the fake picture of a tourist clicking pictures right before the 9/11 attack. We bet this revelation will make you angry!


No Einstein Was Not Riding A Cycle At The Time Of Explosion!

This photo of Einstein riding a bicycle during the bomb explosion is not real! This is a smart work of editing of two different images!


This Space Shuttle Is Fake Too!

This space shuttle also a piece of fake art, but hats off to the person who has worked on the minute detailing of the picture as it gets tough to find out which is real and which is fake!


An Age-Old Image That Gets Circulated During Every Diwali!

This image was rumoured to have been released by NASA during Diwali, but you need to know that it is fake!


There Is Nothing Like A Dwarf Giraffe

This dwarf giraffe looks so CUTE, but unfortunately, it's not real as well.


This Does Look Edited For Sure!

Well, you will be amazed to see that this picture is not real! Though it is different, it does look fake to some extent!


It Is Not A Colouring Competition Here!

Well, a black lion does not exist. This is only an edited picture of a white lion being coloured black!


This Is Creativity For Sure!

This is a picture that is a mix of two pictures. A castle on the top of a rock is actually fake, but one must appreciate the detailing gone in making the picture as it looks so real!

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Story first published: Thursday, March 7, 2019, 12:13 [IST]
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