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Curly Eyelashes Are The Scary New Beauty Trend

By Nia

There are several teens and youngsters who look up to their social media influencers for motivation and inspiration of doing something great. But everything that we see online is not a trend that one can follow.

People tend to do some of the bizarre things that can either create controversies or get people's attention instantly. One such trend is that of curly eyelashes. This weird trend was started by an Instagrammer named Sofie Petersen who is currently taking beauty looks to the next level by raising the bar for crazy eyelashes.

This beauty influencer is always in limelight for trying some of the weirdest styles that have become a huge hit among her followers. Apparently, she has over 28,000 followers on her Instagram account. This social media influencer has been uploading numerous photos of herself where she is seen donning thick, Brillo Pad-looking lashes.

And these are not just the regular eyelashes with a hint of volume. These eyelashes are so thick, dark and curly that it looks so unnatural that you would be glad to know they are fake. The scary bit of the whole thing is that the internet is filled with cringeworthy pictures of curly eyelashes.

Though the trend is spreading like a wildfire among the fashion bloggers, people need to understand about the risks of following this trend.

The entire process of getting these curls can include getting some of that material stuck in the eye as the procedure includes glueing of false lashes to your eyelids as well and this can take a toll on your natural eyelashes.

So, let us know if you would you try out this crazy trend or is it a step too far?

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