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A 'Mutant Goat' Born With Two Heads And Three Ears

There are so many bizarre cases in which animals are born, and it takes no time for superstitious people to label the weird-looking animal as a curse or a reincarnation of God.

Here is one such case of a mutant goat that was born with 2 heads and 3 ears and it took no time for the villagers to create a mess of its birth.

Check out the details of this bizarre-looking goat that died just 4 days after its birth...


The Breeder Was Clueless Of What He Was Going To Witness

The breeder did not expect of what his pet goat had in store. The mother goat was in labour for seven hours before the onlookers stepped in and helped in delivering the new arrival.

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The Goat Was Born As A Mutant Kid

The mutant kid was with two heads, four eyes and three ears. It was unable to stand on its own due to its deformity. It also had two mouths through which the breeder was feeding it.

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People Were Willing To Pay For It

Once the news spread across the village in China where the goat was born, people flocked in to see this unusual creature. According to reports, some bidders were willing to buy this weird-looking goat as they considered it to be auspicious, but the breeder did not sell it to anybody.

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It Died 4 Days Later

But unfortunately, the poor goat was found dead just four days after its birth. It is reported that the goat could have died later after freezing temperatures hit in the village of Yezhai, in eastern China.

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Story first published: Tuesday, January 22, 2019, 15:59 [IST]