These Signs Indicate About A Major Shift In Your Life

The big changes in life are never preceded by any outwardly signs. They just tend to occur and we adapt to them accordingly.

But do you know that there are signs which can show us about a major change going to happen in our lives, even before we realise it?

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Here, in this article, we bring to you the list of signs which indicate that your life would undergo a major shift in no time at all.

Check them out...


You Tend To Feel Out Of Place

You suddenly start to feel like a changed person, and you tend to feel that you do not belong to that particular place anymore. You are not satisfied with your ownself, as you feel that this is not what you wish to be or what you want in life.


You Are More Emotional Than Usual

You realise that your heart and mind are stirring up emotions that have been buried up until now. On the other hand, it also causes in you a lot of unrest and it builds up an unnecessary storm of emotions inside you.

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Your Sleeping Pattern Changes

You realise that your sleeping patterns are slowly undergoing a change, sometimes it may be a drastic one too. You either start sleeping too much or very little. These are the initial signs of facing a major shift in life.

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You Spend More And More Time Alone

Being alone is something that you love doing out of the blue. You start spending more time alone than with people and it feels more natural and normal to you. You also feel that solitude has become your solace.


You Become More Passionate

You tend to feel the burn of passion in you, and everything around you becomes a muse or an inspiration. You will realise that things have started falling into place and these make you happier than ever.

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Everything Seems So Unreal

You feel that there is a sense of unreality that has washed over every aspect of your life. Be it your regular everyday situations or even your loved ones like your family and friends, none of them feel real to you anymore.

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    Story first published: Sunday, February 18, 2018, 17:00 [IST]
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