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Why Do Most Auto Rickshaw Drivers Sit On The Edge

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In India, when you are travelling, there is one peculiar thing that you would notice in the auto rickshaw guy's style of riding an auto. They generally sit at the edge of their seat and drive.

Even before the famous cab services were invented, these autowallas have been ruling the world with their swags and their rude attitude.

One must say it gets really difficult when they have their dharna or strikes, yet we cannot deny the fact that they are the ones who help us reach our destination faster.

Find out about the actual reasons as to why these auto drivers sit at the edge of their seat and drive. Read on to know more..


Reason #1

Generally, when the autowallas learn to drive a rickshaw initially, they have someone who usually sits next to them in the driver's seat. Thus, from the get-go they kind of get used to driving while sitting at the edge.


Reason #2

It is said that the intense heat from the engine is another reason why they frequently change their positions.


Reason #3

They carry passengers across the city. And making space for an extra passenger in the front seat is a no big deal. This is why they sit at the edge and make space for the passenger.


Reason #4

A few years back the horn was placed on the side of the autos. In order to reach the blow horn they would sit at the edge of the seat.


Reason #5

On a silly note: To stretch outward towards the traffic and yell swear words or even tease the passers-by autos.

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