10 Inspiring Quotes By Chanakya

By: Ajanta Sen

Chanakya was a great scholar, educator and majestic counsellor of the Mauryan dynasty. He was a teacher at the Takshashila University and used to teach political science and financial aspects.

Chanakya helped the first Mauryan emperor Chandragupta Maurya in his ascends to power at a very young age.

He was a highly praised scholar for playing a significant role in creating the foundation of the Mauryan Empire. He was also the head adviser to Chandragupta Maurya as well as his son Bindusara.

Chanakya contributed to two famous treatises, namely Arthashastra (or Economics) and Nitishastra (or The Chanakya Niti). Arthashastra deals about the fiscal and monetary policies, war tactics, international relations and welfare in depth.

Nitishastra is a compilation of various sayings, and it is believed that these were chosen by Chanakya from numerous “Shastras”. Hence, the great Chanakya can be compared with the Greek Scholar, Aristotle.

This article highlights on the 10 inspiring quotes given by Chanakya from his highly influential book, Arthashastra. These are a compilation of the best words of Chanakya from the various facets of life.

Some quotes are on wisdom, few on education, some on religion and the rest are on integrity. Have a look and do apply these principles in reality too.


1. Books Are Valuable

Books are as precious to a dumb person, just as a mirror is priceless to a blind person.


2. Don’t Be Too Honest

It is not necessary for an individual to be too modest. Just like the straight trees are chopped down first, honest people are cheated first.


3. Education Surpasses Everything

Education is one of the best virtues that an individual can possess. This is one among the 10 inspiring quotes given by Chanakya. A knowledgeable person is regarded everywhere. Learning surpasses the youth and beauty.


4. To Have One Child Is The Best

It is perfect to have just a single child and inculcate him/her with good qualities rather than having a lot of children with no qualities. Just like the moon alone is capable of dispersing the darkness, the countless stars fail to do the same.


5. Don’t Trust People Who Are Too Sweet

Never trust the one who talks very sweetly to you, but tries to harm you at your back. This kind of a person is just like a jug full of toxic stuff with milk on its top. This is one of the most valuable lessons that we can learn among the 10 inspiring quotes by Chanakya.


6. Everything Is Possible For A Determined Person

No matter how far the destination is, or how difficult the desired thing is to be achieved, a determined person can always accomplish it.


7. Keep Your Knowledge And Riches In Your Own Custody

If a person's knowledge is only limited to books and his wealth is in another person's possession, he can't use either his education or his richness when the need arises.


8. Meticulous People Don’t Depend On Luck

People who can tackle any situation very competently, as well as the people who are always ready for the future, both can live very happily in life. However, the careless and lazy people, who entirely depend on luck, can always be distressed.


9. Never Disclose Your Secrets To Anyone

One of the 10 inspiring quotes by Chanakya is,"Never divulge your secrets to anybody". When you cannot keep your secrecy within yourself, how can you expect it from others? It can destroy you.


10. Ask Yourself Before Starting Something New

Before embarking on a new venture, you should ask 3 questions to yourself that is, "why should I do it?", "what will be the results?" and "will I be able to succeed or not?" Hence, go ahead only when you have thought about it deeply and have found reasonable answers to all the 3 questions.

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