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Secret Behind Bumps On Keys “F & J”, Revealed!!

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We use our computers every single day, well most of us at least do. Most of our hours are spent in front of the laptops or desktops. We hardly pay attention to all the functions of the keys that are there on the keyboard.

Here, in this article, we are about to share a little secret behind the bumps on the letters "F and J" keys on your keyboard.

Okay, we are sure you would look down at your keyboard after reading this.

So, read on to find out more about the secrets behind the bumps on the letters "F and J" that can be seen on every keyboard of either a laptop or a desktop system.

Check out the reason for this untold and unknown function of these bumps on the keyboard!


Reason #1

One would find that the keyboards without these unusual bumps were the ones that were manufactured 15 years ago!


Reason #2

Having these bumps helps you realise the placement of keys. It is an ingenious way of helping you type faster.


Reason #3

This is one of the reasons why the professional typists never look at their keyboard. They use these bumps to get a feel of where the hands are; and thus these bumps prove to be more effective.


Reason #4

The dashed notches or the "bumps" are found on virtually all keyboards, both "QWERTY and Dvorak". This makes it easy to increase one's speed on any given keyboard.


Reason #5

Some people with low vision use them as a trick to grasp the keyboard that can help them to type better and faster.

So, now you know the secret behind these bumps present on the keys "F and J".

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