International Non-Violence Day: The Power Of Nonviolence

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Mahatma Gandhi has not just inspired India but has also inspired the whole world with the concepts that he not just preached but also followed.

One of those concepts is nonviolence or ahimsa. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti and international non-violence day, let us discuss about the power of nonviolence.

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We all descended from animals and therefore we still have those primitive urges out of which ruthless violence is one. We get angry and we are filled with hatred.

We are intolerant and we fight against every little opinion or action of others that we hate to accept. When a man transcends the animalistic qualities like violence, he is considered exalted.

Well, while expressing dissent why nonviolence is the best way? Here are the reasons.

The Power Of Nonviolence

The Power Of Nonviolence

Only light can drive darkness. Darkness cannot get rid of darkness. If violence is darkness, nonviolence is light that can solve the problem of violence.

Hate cannot solve the problems that are created by hate. Only love has the power to dissolve hate. Nonviolence is pure love whereas violence is hate.

If you wish to protest, doing so in a nonviolent way gives a chance to discuss ideas and move towards a common solution whereas violent protests complicate even a simple problem. Violence destroys the whole world including the human species.

Also, nonviolence implies a lot of other things apart from refraining from hurting others. It also means internal purity. A heart that is capable of love and has no room for hatred is the heart of an elevated human being.

On this special day, let us salute and respect the great man who showed this entire nation how nonviolence can achieve even an unachievable goal.

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Story first published: Friday, October 2, 2015, 5:04 [IST]
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