Interesting Human Characteristics And Why They Occur

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There are some interesting and unusual things that happen to our body. Do you know why you crack knuckles, cry while cutting an onion or have an eyelid twitching at times? Some human behaviours and characteristics are beyond our control and may have some mystery behind them. However, science has well explained the reason behind these unusual human psychologies.

All these unusual behaviours have a logic behind and hence it will be interesting to find an answer to these. There are many things about human physiology that have been left unanswered, for which scientists are still finding the answer. However, most of the strangest human psychologies have been explained.

In this article, you will find an answer to some of the strange human characteristics. There is some logic behind goose bumps and why we close our eyes when we kiss. So, let's have a look at some interesting human characteristics and why they occur.

interesting human psychology facts

Why Onions Make You Cry?
Cutting an onion causes the release of a gas called propanethial sulfoxide from it. This gas reacts with the tear glands to produce sulphuric acid. This hurts and irritates the eyes causing tears to be formed.

interesting human psychology facts

Place the onions in a freezer before cutting them. The release of enzymes is slow from onions kept at cold temperatures. Also, cut the bottom of an onion last, as it has the highest concentration of enzymes.

interesting human psychology facts

Why Do Joints Crack?
Have you ever cracked your knuckles? These joints are called diarthrodial joints. When we stretch the joint, the dissolved gases present in the joint fluid escapes from the joint. This produces a pop sound in the joint due to release of nitrogen gas on compression. Surprisingly, this makes the joint flexible.

interesting human psychology facts

What Causes Eye Twitching?
Most people link eye twitching with a good or bad sign depending on their beliefs. However, medically, it is triggered by poor nutrition, eye strain, stress, fatigue, alcohol intake and excess coffee consumption.

To get rid of this annoying condition reduce your stress level, eye strain, decrease coffee and alcohol consumptions.

interesting human psychology facts

Are Your Ears Still Growing?
Do you know that your outer ears are still growing? Our ears are the body's largest feature that are proportional at birth. Ears grow fast up to the age of 20 years and after that the ear grows about 0.22 millimeter per year and can grow fast. Ear lobe also grows throughout the life term and men have longer ear lobes than women.

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