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8 Things Every Girl Should Have In Her Wallet

By Snehalatha Ramappa

Every girl carries a wallet with her when she goes out. Sometimes to keep the things she needs and sometimes just as a fashion accessory. Well girls, a wallet is more than just a fashion accessory. The things girl carry in wallet are more important that she might realize. Whether it's a designer or the one bought in the flea market, the things girl carry in the wallet is what matters.


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Often we end up stuffing our wallets with things that are not needed than the things that should actually find a place in a wallet. And what are those must things in girl's wallet? Go get your wallet out and let's go through all the essentials you need.



It is one of the most basic & necessary thing a girl carries in her wallet. And yet, easily the most overlooked thing. Though most of the transactions these days are done with cards, carrying enough cash always comes in handy. Especially for those who commute in public transport. Having cash in notes and coins will save you the hassle of hunting for an ATM every time.


ATM card

Debit/credit cards are something that we never leave at home. It should always be kept safe in the wallet. Make sure it is kept in your wallet at all times, even if you are going out for a little while. You never know when you might need it.


Identity Card

Now this is something most of us forget. It is always sensible to carry an identity card with you at all times when you step out of your house. If something were to happen, it will be immensely helpful in identifying and informing the family. Help will come sooner.


Driving License

If you drive around in your own vehicle then this is a must things in girl's wallet. It is also mandatory to have it on person every time you take out your vehicle. However, make sure to carry only a copy of the license and leave the original at home, in case you lose your wallet.


Medical Cards

We all get health insurance and forget about it. Insurance documents comes with a small card, complete with all the necessary medical details in it. Make sure to have it in your wallet. In case of accidents, it will make sure you get the right treatment on time.


Medical Notes

Now this is something not all, but some may find handy. In case of any health condition that the doctors should know in case of an emergency, it is a thoughtful idea to keep a note of it. This might save the complications that may arise of treating a patient without knowing their medical history.


Visiting Cards

Your visiting cards are something that you may need, especially if you are in a profession that needs to build contacts. Handing out your card is a much useful way of making new contacts. Keeping the cards of those close to you may also come in handy in more ways than you know.



Photos are one of those things girl carry in wallet. It may be photos of you or your loved ones. These are the reminders of the people in your life and always a feel-good factor.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 14, 2015, 19:39 [IST]
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