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Top 10 Most Powerful Armies In The World


As far as the list of most powerful armies in the world is concerned, the usual names of the west aren't entirely dominant anymore. With several countries splurging on strengthening their defences in order to defend themselves and project military might, it comes as no surprise that there are quite a few new entrants to this list of most powerful armies in the world. The scales which were once tipped in favor of the west have now evidently altered positions. For instance, the Asian countries including India and China have increasingly targeted higher budget expenditures for defence with China concretely portraying its military might and exercising hegemony over weaker neighbours.


In this article, let us look at the most powerful armies in the world. These armies are classified on the basis of advancement in military technology, the training that goes into building fine soldiers and the sophistication in operation. Some of these most powerful militaries are the most biggest armies in the world too. Read on to know more..

The most powerful militaries are listen in ascending order.

10. Israel

A country that constantly evinces its power, Israel has been locked in a series of conflicts along its borders from over five decades. The Israeli military is famous for its sophistication in training and operation. Although comparatively less in number strength, Israel is amongst the most powerful armies in the world. Unparalleled military technology is perhaps the mightiest contributor to this feat. The country spends almost 20 percent of its budget on military expenditure.

9. South Korea

With increasing competition and threats from unpredictable neighbours China and North Korea, South Korea has been steadily increasing its expenditure on military. The North and South have been entangled in constant confrontation since the Korean war of the 1950s. With sophisticated missiles being tested every now and then, it remains to be seen what repercussions South Korea's 40 Billion dollar military expenditure holds.

8. Japan

A country known for its aggressive propensity during the course of World War 2, Japan comes next on the list of World's most powerful militaries. After the debacle in World War 2, Japan was coerced to trim down the size of its military by a phenomenal extent. Even so, the third largest economy in the world spends a prodigious amount on its military, mostly owing to rising tensions between China and Russia.

7. Germany

In the European Union, German economic and military might is beyond comparison. An active member of NATO, Germany boasts of highly impressive technology as far as its military is concerned. The country focuses more on its economy than military, this being the only reason why it negligibly trails the other major powers.

6. France

Back in 2013, Japan heavily cut down on military spending, downsizing its expenditure by about 10 percent in order to focus spending on research and purchasing high tech equipment. France spends a little over 40 Billion USD on its military. Moreover, with its military impressively active in Afghanistan and Africa, the French have a lot of experience up their sleeve.

5. India

India is rigorously furthering a modernization drive for its army with its military expenditure rising tremendously. With a staggering 11 million strength, the Indian army is the second largest army in the world. The country spends about 46 Billion USD on defence, a figure that is expected to see a steady rise in the years to come. India is also the largest importer of arms goods in the world.

4. United Kingdom

United Kingdom's defence budget has dropped almost 20 percent in the last 5 years. The country also plans to bring down the size of its military by almost 20 percent. The UK is mostly focusing on enhancing technology and improving research. The UK comes fourth in the list of most powerful armies in the world.

3. China

The largest army in the world and second largest spender on military and defence, China is increasing its military expenditure almost exponentially. The country has substantially cut down on imports and is now focusing on developing indigenous technology. The country's recent spate of confrontation with its neighbours has prompted a heavily aggressive approach over the past few years. China has a military strength of an unimaginable 2.5 Million personnel.

2. Russia

The Russian military is way more powerful today than USSR of the pre-Russian era. Russia has been increasing its spending over the eyars and mostly focuses on research of supremely effective military technology. The country is also one of the world's largest exporter of arms. It has the strongest tank force- a whopping 15,500 Tanks. The active military strength is about 760,000 personnel.

1. USA

With an unparalleled defence budget of 612 Billion USD, the United States military is unparalleled in strength and sophistication. The country boasts an unimaginable 19 aircraft carriers, much larger than the number of carriers the entire world has combined- rest of the world operates 14 carriers. If you didn't already know this, the US spends more than the next ten defence spenders combined, making it the largest defence spender and the most pwoerful military in the world.

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