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How To Deal With Control Freak Boss?

By: Asha Das
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Control freak bosses are a real disturbance at workplaces. They are always particular about controlling their subordinates by keeping them tied under unnecessary advice and instructions. Control freak bosses will always try to control your emotional and professional freedom by interfering with each and every work related affairs.

This will ultimately force you to do your work only based on the suggestions and instructions of your control freak boss. No wonder if you want to quit your dream job if you are under a control freak boss.

How To Deal With Control Freak Boss?

But, you can make your workplace enjoyable and comfortable if you know how to deal with control freak bosses. Here are some easy tips to help you keep freak bosses in your control.

Be patient: Being calm and patient towards control freak bosses will be the perfect idea that will work. Getting angry or responding quickly may make control freak bosses lose their temper. Understand it is the universal nature of all control freak bosses and reacting with patience is the only solution.

Respond carefully: Respond to control freak bosses with ultimate care and caution. Do not be provocative in your response that may make them fuming and angry. Watch your words, facial expressions and body movements while you respond to control freak bosses. Take care not to give any hint to your boss to rule out what is in your mind. It is an effective way to deal with a control freak boss.

Be yourself: There is no need to be over obedient to control freak bosses because they will never accept your attitude in such a way. Control freak bosses will always remain crazy about finding out reasons to prove that you are doing everything in a wrong way without their instructions.

Be positive: It is true that control freak bosses are irritating and annoying. But, you should get a positive attitude towards the nature of control freak bosses. Try to think that your boss is so particular about perfect result from your work. Believe that your control freak boss is trying to get the best out of you.

Set limits: If your control freak boss is controlling you from all the sides, you may shift to the next level of being patient. Be polite and let them know that you are efficient and smart enough to handle any assigned work. You may try telling them that "I value your advice, but I have some better ideas that may work."

Do not expect a change: Do not expect that control freak boss will change his/her attitude and nature if you act against them. It is better to admit that your control freak boss will always try to control you and will try to prove that you are wrong.

Try these ways to deal with a control freak boss at work.

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Story first published: Saturday, July 20, 2013, 21:01 [IST]
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